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Let’s play a game!


社長ハピバ | 紗也 [pixiv] 

Valon Appreciation Post
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Cuddling with the bæ. 😗 #yami #atem #yugioh #yugi #bae You stole the heart of my cards 💜

Seto Kaiba: Check this out. I used a computer simulation to make a diagram map of all the possible dueling scenarios in which I could beat Yugi Muto's deck.
Mokuba Kaiba: This looks like something you would find on the wall of a serial killer.
Seto Kaiba: In a way, that's a compliment. It shows dedication.
“I did my waiting! 3,000 years of it! In a necklace!”

- Yami Bakura (via incorrectyugioh)


Establish your dominance on your first day back at school by challenging your classmates to a children’s card game and sending them to the shadow realm


I want to know what this guy did before he became a Rare Hunter. Because geez, look at him go…