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"Oh, are you playing Yu-Gi-Oh?"

No, you uncultured swine. I’m playing Duel Monsters. 


yugi u stone cold motherfucker

Shit Seto Kaiba would never say
Seto: ya'know, I feel really happy today, I think I'll duel for fun.
Seto: screw the Blue Eyes jet, I wanna ride in an actual airplane, that'll be more awesome
Seto: I don't care that Yugi beat me, I just wanted to have a duel
Seto: I should probably call Mr. Motou and apologize for ripping his Blue Eyes White Dragon
Seto: damn, that Joey sure is a nice guy. and his butt is pretty nice, too
Seto: it's just a card game
Seto: what, someone's after my company again? I don't care
Seto: I really wish Yugi would invite me to be part of his gang
Seto: I don't want to throw any card game tournaments.
Seto: cool! I had a past life!
Seto: whoa, believing in the heart of the cards is SWEET
Seto: I totally believe in magic, and everything that Yugi and the others told me. magic DOES exist
Seto: I hate the Blue Eyes White Dragon.
Seto: screw the Egyptian God Cards.
Seto: ya'know, Joey is a very successful duelist
Seto: I love my step dad, and my step brother.
Seto: I hate dragons
Seto: Pegasus is a swell guy, I love toons
Seto: friendship is AWESOME.
Seto: god I hate technology
Graphics duel! vs. zerofynes
Turn One ► One Protagonist
   → Yuusei Fudou 

i did it. i finally made it to the time skip in one piece. it only took 516 episodes of tears and throwing pillows at the screen but i did it.